Corporate Products

Production at The Glass Furnace

We have hosted more then 90 world -reknown artists such as Lino Tagliapietra, Bertil Vallien, Lucio Bubacco, Paul Marioni and many more through out the years.

We have a contemporary Glass Art collection of almost 700 pieces.

As a foundation, we host almost 35.000 elementary school student a year to teach them about the glass; an important material for fine arts and an important enviroment friendly recyclable material for everyday objects. We also give them the opportunity to make their first art piece with glass.

To be able to afford the education activities, we’ve set up 3 different production studio’s on our campus.

Hot Shop, Kiln Casting/Fusing and Flameworking.

Our masters had to chance to work and learn from international artists as well as making productions for companies in Turkey and Internationally.

Although our production team is very young, they have the experience and ability to apply the best and the most reasonable technique possible for tailor made solutions.

For production we are able to work in two ways:

Our experienced design team can offer design solutions for your space or we work with your ideas and realise your project.

Below you will see some samples from our past experiences both designed by us or our clients.