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Glass Furnace is Turkey's largest and best-equipped glass and art center. Established on the banks of the Riva River, in a calm peaceful atmosphere  full of creativity.

The Glass Furnace was founded in order to be the center glass related arts, and make the material one of the main art branches accepted in our country. Workshops and production continues uninterruptedly all year round at the Glass Furnace.

Corporate Production


  • Daily Activities

Glass furnace provides workshops for both hobby seekers and also professional glass artists. With a wide collection of contemporary glass art, and nature, Glass Furnace provides a beautiful atmosphere for inspiration.

Who are we?

Yılmaz Yalçınkaya


Glass Furnace Foundation is Yılmaz Yalçınkaya's life long dream. He fell in love with the hot molten glass when he saw gas lamp factory on a school trip in the 1950's and followed this fire for the rest of his life. In 2002, he designed the Glass Furnace Foundation as a small school and he is still working with the same enthusiasm since.


At the Glass Furnace campus, there is a fully equipped guest house for 48 participants, central heating. There is a half olympic pool. peacefull relaxatıon area by the Riva river. A contemporary glass collection with more than 300 pieces.


The Glass Furnace campus is very flexiable. We can have glass festivals on a Sunday with 1500 visitors, then the next day we can have a company activity with 150 employers who are interested in the world of glass.

We can have a crazy scientist making interesting things for the kids one day and then have a group of yogi's relaxing by the river the next day!


How Can You Support It?

Glass Furnace Foundation provides limited scholarships for emerging glass artists with the income from workshops and activities. Glass Furnace also sponsors school trips for primary school students who are not able to afford these activities. So you can also help the artistic education of these young people by donating.

School trips

In order to participate in school trips to primary and secondary school students in non-accredited regions ...

100 TL

Art students

To the students of the universities of fine arts faculties to support their participation in summer workshops ...

500 TL

CamoCağı Activities

To support the activities of the Glass Furnace Foundation (exhibitions and guest artist programs, festivals, etc.) ...

1000 TL

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