Korbinian Stöckle was born in 1967 in Finning, Germany. He graduated from the vocational high school in Zwiesel, Germany.In 1994 Stöckle went to Studium an der Staatlichen Akademie für bildende Künste, Stuttgart, were he graduated from the Glass & sculpture department in 1998. While his education was going on, Stöckle also worked as an instructor of Stuttgart academy, teaching glass.After his graduation from Stuttgart, Stöckle has worked as instructor for many different  academies of arts, including the Glass Furncace in Istanbul, Turkey.In 2008 Stöckle became associate professor in Applied Arts Institution, Koblenz.Today he works for the National Museum for Industrial Culture in Gernheim, Germany . Korbinian Stöckle won three prizes, one second place and two first places during his career. His works are exhibited in four different art galleries in Germany.