Never Ending Ritual: Celebration

Humanity has been discovering new flavours and beverages through centuries. Some drinks are more special than others; they are especially for celebrations. Different glasses and vessels for different drinks and occasions: This is what we’ll be doing in this workshop. We are going to design and produce glass cups for our own special moments. In this 5-day workshop, we are going to learn handle pulling with borosilicate tubes, glass blowing and sculpting with mass glass. Get ready to develop glass techniques and rethink about some of your special days.

You need to bring pen – paper and also a special glass or cup with you (or at least a picture of it).

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Güçlü Polat

Guclu Polat was born in 1985, in Mersin. Graduated from Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty, Glass Department. Finished his master degree at the Anadolu University as well. In the meantime, he had an opportunity to take glass courses in the...

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