Botanical Borosilicate Workshop

In this workshop, we will work on botanical studies using Borosilicate glasses. Technically, we will learn all the details about the bridging method, unite the repeating leaf reproduction, creating texture and detail in single sheets, design knowledge and most importantly, annealing processes in order to make the work we do solidly at the end of this workshop. (All the resources necessary for you to design within the workshop will be shared during the workshop.)



1st Day

Information on glass types
Examining the works of glass masters in our field
Reviews and visual resource sharing about flowers
Nature walks and plant collection for one-to-one observation and study


Annealing fineness
Starting leaf studies
A 5-petal flower work to be done by the whole group (Everyone will do the same work in order to reinforce all learned)

2nd Day

Information about the design
Creating our own designs

Color information
Getting started with our own designs

3rd-4th-5th Day

We will work  on our own designs.

6 st Day

We finalize our workshop by completing remaining works and making them ready for the final exhibition.

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Atölye Fiyatı 5250

The workshop fee covers all the workshop materials and lunch. Does not cover accommodation. Workshop + 6 days, single room accommodation costs 8050 TL. Workshop + 6 days, double room accommodation costs 7050 TL. Accommodation includes breakfast and dinner. You can make the accommodation payment on the first day of the course to the Glass Furnace.

Vahide Kaya

Vahide Kaya was born in 1992 in Istanbul. Anadolu Uni. She started at GSF and graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University as a farabi student.

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