Cane/Goblet Workshop with Michael Hermann

In this intensive workshop students will be exposed to a variety of different cane patterns and applications. The goal of this workshop is to give students the knowledge to pull cane efficiently, quickly and smoothly, while also learning techniques to improve the quality and richness of their color and patterns. These techniques will be mainly demonstrated in the goblet style. Finished cane patterns will be picked up and shaped into multiple sections to create goblet pieces, including fitting lids properly.

Students will also learn proficiency in the use of the garage to park their working components, from both perspectives of presenting and receiving during construction. This intermediate workshop is designed to give the aspiring goblet maker the tools to take their work to the next level. For those students whose interest lies in cane for larger work, there will also be larger cane pickup techniques demonstrated and explained during the last two days. These demonstrations will concentrate on retaining the true color and intended pattern of the cane.

Teamwork will be heavily emphasized in this workshop, displaying the importance of working as a unit in this delicate style. Teaching assistant will be Clayton Ballew. Michael and Clayton have been working together as a team for more than 10 years.

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