Child Workshops

The Glass Furnace Foundation offers you a great opportunity to have fun with your children on holiday, to learn while having fun, and to uncover different aspects of your creativity!

It is creating opportunities for children to develop themselves on Sundays and on days when schools are holidays in Glass Furnace. Workshops consisting of glass blowing, fusion, gravure and bead making, total 2 hours. Have fun and excitement for the kids and appreciate this opportunity to experience a brand new pleasure and a different experience!

Bead Making: Tinted glass rods are melted in the table top furnace (şalumo) and sometimes they are rolled into steel shapes, sometimes wrapped in other glass rods and turned into new shapes from glass. In this way, beads, figures and various objects are created.

Glass Blowing: With the steel rods called Pipe, the hot glass taken from the brush is blown in a flowing state and then pulled out, stretched, cut and shaped with various heat-resistant tools. It can be transformed into a lot of small size, different look and colors. When you realize that you can deal with a glass of honey consistency, the pleasure you hear can be much more satisfying than it gets.

Glass Fusion: Two or more pieces of glass are placed in the desired composition, then converted into a single piece of glass in the fusion furnaces, with the help of temperature. Panels, tables, vases, sculptures, shaped like relief, if desired with heat help, are shaped without any bounds depending on your creativity.

Glass Engraving: The children are digging a glass with a diamond-tipped engraving machine and with the help of our pre-plotting instructor.

Event Price 150