Using solid blocks of glass, the instructor will teach students all aspects of coldworking; shaping by grinding, polishing, the use of horizontal mill wheels and vertical lathes. He aims to change the general opinion and the relation of students to coldworking, which is not so popular, because cutting and polishing take a lot of time and look too difficult. Some methods will be used to do the coldwork a little easier, faster and more interesting by using diamond saw, chipping with hard metal chisel like the work with stone, using flex-grinders with diamond wheels. By this way, we can process big sized sculptures, using several glass parts joint together by gluing.

The creativity can also be developed by cutting with several shapes and profiles of wheels, covering the surface of vessels or glass blocks by prints of wheels and creating new patterns for industrial design. Within the course, all aspects of industrial design will be explained as well. The previous experience with cutting is not required for this class, but the gum-boots, and gum-aprons are necessary.

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Vladimir Klein

Vladimir Klein was born in the year 1950 in Czechoslovakia. He studied in the Academy of Applied Arts in Prag under Prof. Libensky.

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