Figurative Glass Sculpture Workshop

This workshop is all about applying hot glass techniques on figurative glass sculptures. Students will work on colouring methods, shaping techniques (full and blow glass) and experimental applications.

You can make 2D models of your sculpture designs beforehand. By this way, it would be easier to focus on production process and rough copy diversification. At the end of the program, you’ll be able to see how to create a 3D glass object and how to get the end result in a fast way.

  • This workshop requires experience in the field.

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Agah Barış Can Aksakal

He was born in Aydın-Turkey, in 1989 and went to Başak Private School for his primary and secondary education. In 2004 he started studying at Yüksel Yalova High School of Fine Arts-Painting Department. When he finished studying in 2007, he...

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