During this course, students will draw inspiration from the natural world, to create borosilicate sculpture on a table top torch.  Students will learn the fundamentals of flameworking and build a foundation of basic skills, covering a variety of forms found in nature.  Through demonstration and hands on practice, students will learn to create individual components that can later be combined, to create more complex and larger pieces.  This will be done through exploring various techniques:  melting and manipulating molten glass to create sculpture, creating blown forms, color application, networking with glass rod, and then combining these elements.

Level:  Beginning and Intermediate

The workshop fee includes, lunch and workshop materials specified by the tutor. Please click here for information about the campus, rules and regulations, accommodation options and transportation info.


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Start: 20 August 2019 at 10:00 Finish: 25 August 2019 at 16:30

Flameworking the Nature in Glass #1


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Demetra Theofanous

Demetra Theofanous is a Greek American artist, living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She was immersed in the arts from a very young age, but this thirst for expression was temporarily diverted, when she received her business degree from...

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