Bead Making Class Program

Day 1 - Floral class. Peonies.

We will start our class making composition of peonies with flowers, buds, and leaves.
At the end of the class, we well have a bouquet that may be placed on a wooden base

Day 2 - Narcissus murrini.

We'll continue the floral topic with a narcissus murrini. Step by step following from the central part of the flower to petals and finishing with putting all the parts together.

Day 3 - Lentil Bead and Marble.

Using narcissus murrinies that we made in previous day we will make small lentil bead, European style bead and marble. With these forms, you can easily make earrings,  bracelet beads, and pendants.

Day 4 - Fish murrini class.

We will have fun making colorful ocean fish. Trying it once you will understand the working principle and will be able to make any kind of fish yourself.

Day 5 - Aquarium marble.

We will start our work with a small bead, learning how to make jellyfish.
Then, we will pull corral murrini and seaweed. After that, we are ready to create our aquarium marble, which we will fill with coralls, school of fish, seaweeds, and jellifish.

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Tatyana Boyarinova

Tatyana Boyarinova is a Russian lampworker who works with glass for 7 years. She lives in Moscow where she works and teaches. She graduated Moscow State University of Print as a graphic designer (book illustration). She’s interested to sculpt with...

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