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In this course we shall explore a specific kiln forming and pate de verre process, based on the principles of intaglio printing. We will create objects and installations around the themes of imitation and illusion, paying particular attention to the aesthetic qualities and sculptural possibilities of this process and using them as the backbone of our ideas.

Using a variety of mold-making materials (plaster-silica, sand, fibre frax, wax and silicone) our technique allows us to obtain a direct transfer of drawings, hand written text and structures from a mold onto glass. We shall treat this as a printing process and create flat molds as printing plates onto which we fuse glass frit and powders.

From there we will go into three dimensions by manipulating the glass during the firing (free forming, folding) as well as exploring various slumping methods. We will partially use glass frit that we make in the hot shop in combination with glass blowing powders which gives us the option to take our castings further into hot working processes.

The workshop fee includes, lunch and workshop materials specified by the tutor. Please click here for information about the campus, rules and regulations, accommodation options and transportation info.

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Start: 9 September 2019 Finish: 19 September 2019

Frit de Verre_Hot Printing on Glass #1


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Anne Petters

Anne Petters is a multi media artist with a strong background in glass. She received a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Institute for Ceramics and Glass Art, Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany and a MFA in Sculpture/ Glass from Alfred University, New...

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