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During this class, Emma will introduce her original method of fusing and casting multiple layers of glass, which she has been exploring and developing, with great success, for past 20 years. This innovative technique enables fusing/casting of thin glass sheets used to set up layers composed of tiny mosaic-like elements, thus achieving three-dimensional images inside the transparent fused/cast sculptural object.

This course will focus on a new way of 3-dimensional thinking in creating glass object; on using properties of glass to achieve visual effects as well as to achieve sense of movement within cast glass object. Students are not required to have previous experience in glass fusing.  Beginners will be able, along with students possessing advanced glass fusing skills, to create and finalize their own 3-dimensional glass objects during this two-week course. Additionally, students will receive basic information about grinding and polishing 3-D glass objects. At all times during the course, students will have access to extensive digital gallery on file in Emma’s laptop: images of recent work as well as close-ups revealing fine details on layers inside the glass object. Expect to discover an exciting new method of creating images within transparent 3-dimensional glass objects.

In past 10 years, Emma experimented with new techniques: glass mosaic made from pre-fused elements, as well as sculptural objects constructed from tiny pâté de verre elements - a rather unusual and innovative application of pâté de verre technique. Another field of experimentation is using pâté de verre elements for inclusion onto layers of fused / cast objects.

During her workshop, Emma will demonstrate and explain these methods, as well as vast of possible combinations of them. Students will be encouraged to experiment and play with kiln forming techniques in order to create a range of small fused, cast & constructed objects.

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