Glass Blowing Workshop with James McLeod


This course is about learning how to be a better glassblower as quickly as possible while having fun in the process.  Every stage of glassblowing can be challenging and in this class, we are going to break down the stages of production to an exact science and teach you how to be the best you can be, every stage of the game.  Weather you are just a beginner or you have been blowing glass for a while, there are always methods to help you improve your skill level faster and more efficiently. We will use production techniques, mold blowing and team working skills to build a strong foundation that each student will use to develop their own original glass designs in the studio.  In addition to skill building in the hotshop, we will spend time outside of the studio learning about the elements of design, color theory and product development. By the end of the class, every student will leave with a strong technical foundation in the glass studio and fully formed product line of designs.


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James McLeod

James McLeod is a professor or 3D Fine Art / Glass at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where he has been teaching since 2006.  

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