Glassblowing Workshop with Rob Stern & Ondrej Novotny

Glasstronomy – making glass can be like making food! Having the right tools, ingredients, and skills makes anything possible.

This well oiled teacher team will help build your hunger for new ideas and techniques. Refining your blowing, sculpting, and cold working skills through assignments and assisting in daily demos which will focus on your designs will fill you with energy and spice up your life.

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Atölye Fiyatı 1938.6

Ondrej Novotny

Ondrej Novotny is the youngest son of internationally renowned glassmaker Petr Novotny, who was one of the pioneers of glass studio­movement in the eighties.

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Rob Stern

Over his 25 year career in glass, Rob Stern studied extensively and has worked with the most accomplished glass artists and masters throughout the world. His work has been installed, exhibited, and collected in Europe, Asia and United States. He...

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