Beauty in Our Surroundings 

Kiln Casting & Mold Making Workshop with Chad Holiday

Consider how your environment impacts your creative process.In this class we will focus on visualizing the impact of what we experience in our daily lives by manifesting beauty through the design and creation of the cast glass object.   Students will be introduced to methods of idea development and imagery influenced by their surroundings, working from natural elements and architecture while learning the significance of proportion. The class will be guided through drawing and planning practices specific to glass casting design, including the appropriate use and selection of color as it relates to form and density.  The instructor will then take students through the process of clay modeling, refractory mold making, and kiln casting the resulting glass sculptures.


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Chad Holliday

Chad Holliday is currently an Assistant Professor of Art at West Texas A&M University (WTAMU) in Canyon, Texas. Chad teaches and leads all curriculum in glass, ceramics, sculpture, three-dimensional design and professional practices.

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