Mold Making and Mold Melting Class

This class will explore basic and advanced mold making and mold melting techniques such as relief – open face mold melting and three dimensional – close mold melting.  Students will go through the whole process of designing and making a small glass sculpture. They will start with sketching and clay modeling and continuing with making plaster mold for kiln casting. Students will learn how to make a professional hand built mold for kiln casting with metal reinforcement, how to build reservoir and how to calculate glass investment. Students will also learn how to calculate proper casting and annealing schedules. Finally students will go through the process of finalizing sculpture with cold working.

I have got 55 years experience with glass and have professional experiences from my own art work, from design work for the glass companies and long time teaching experience from the Czech Republic and from the schools and studios all over the world. I am ready to give my best knowledge to anybody, who is concerned. My students will get the best professional knowledge of craft, technology, technique, design and art.


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Atölye Fiyatı 1600

František Janák

František Janák (born 1951 in Havlíčkův Brod, Czechoslovakia) is a Czech glass artist. He creates glass sculptures and commission works, and also does series production design for different Czech glassworks. 

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