Late hellenistic mosaic glass as a source.

Glass blowing with Chris Taylor

This glass is characterized by making use of mosaics that were likely created by using a number of complicated blowing and solid working techniques. The compounded techniques are manifest in pieces that are most likely slumped in the furnace to make their final form. Using these examples will allow us to explore many disparate techniques on the glassblowing floor without the need of cold shop or warm glass studios. We will be exposed to many fundamental blowing techniques through the making of the individual mosaic pieces. Innovation through unconventional approaches will be encouraged. Designs can be as bold as they can be subdued. Students should expect to make use of many colors and they may want to come prepared with their own colors.

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Artist and his work

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Start: 2 July 2019 Finish: 7 July 2019

Late Hellenistic Mosaic Glass as a Source. #1


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Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor was born in Tehran, Iran and lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Madrid Spain; Manila, Philippines; Muscat, Oman; Mexico City, Mexico; Brussels, Belgium; Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Tegucigalpa, Honduras all before he was 20. His work is a product...

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