1st DAY

- Filigree stringer making

- Twisted cane

- Wig wag cane

- Ringed murrini varieties

- Application techniques

2nd DAY

- Chestnut murrini varieties

- Geometric forms (square, triangle, heart)

- Ladybird murrini

- Application techniques

3rd DAY

- Starfish murrini

- Sea mixed fish murrini

- Application techniques

4th DAY

- Daisy murrini

- Rose murrini

- Leaf murrini varieties

- Application techniques

5th DAY

- Poppy murrini

- Sakura murrini

- Clover murrini

- Background decoration and application techniques

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Atölye Fiyatı 912.6

Hande Erbük

I was born in 1986, in Ankara. I'm graduated from Baskent University, Banking and Finance Department. In 2010, I started at our family business Hasal Cam Aletleri; an engineering company that produces glass processing equipment as an expert on foreign trade. While...

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