This class will be an intensive on sculpting hollow glass in the flame. Students will learn how to manipulate a single bubble of glass into the object of their desires. You will be challenged to push the glass and yourself beyond your comfort zone. Achieving the ultimate results takes persistence and determination. Failure is inevitable but necessary in order to learn not only your limits but your potential. I promise you will walk away a more confident glass blower because of it. We are going to have fun messing up some glass!

The workshop fee includes, lunch and workshop materials specified by the tutor. Please click here for information about the campus, rules and regulations, accommodation options and transportation info.

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Start: 15 September 2019 Finish: 20 September 2019

Sculpting in the Flame #1


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Chris Ahalt

 Chris Ahalt is a glass artist specialized in flameworking. First introduced to the flame in 1998, Ahalt was an early adopter of the art form. Today he finds himself as one of the leaders in the industry which has grown...

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