So Fresh And So Clean

This class will focus on techniques specific to making small scale, functional soft glass vessels with hot attachments. We will share all the techniques and processes we’ve developed over the last 5 years. You will learn to create your own “prep” or colored glass tubing which will serve as the foundation for your exploration. Tubing will be deconstructed in the cold shop, then fused in kilns to be picked up hot and manipulated into various forms. We will address issues such as how to create crisp, clean and secure attachments, how to control thickness and diameter of tubing, and how to use specialized tools to make the job easier.. This class will be fast paced and will require a minimum of intermediate skills in the hot shop and basic cold working knowledge. So bring your sketch book and your imagination and be ready to soak up a ton of information in an amazing and beautiful setting.

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Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard (b. 1977, Illinois, USA) Jeff is a professional glass artist with twenty plus years experience. He has taught, lectured, exhibited and had residencies both nationally and internationally throughout Europe and Australia and has been featured in several publications...

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