Stripes with Matt Urban

In addition to being one of the most stunning techniques for working with color, cane production is a useful tool in understanding the natural properties of glass in a molten state. In this course, students will learn the cane making process in the hot shop and explore how this visual element operates between geometry and elegance. We will start with basic techniques of pulling long ropes of multi-colored cane and build towards elaborate compositions. Demonstrations will lead students through helpful methods for keeping their cane making on track, and how to apply it to their glass projects. We will study historical examples of this technique including x and x. As a group, we will discuss our successes and failures in service on a deeper understanding of the medium. Students will maintain a sketchbook for their ideas and this course will culminate in an exciting display of finished pieces.

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Atölye Fiyatı 1890

Matt Urban

Matthew Urban attended the Philadelphia College of Art and Design, where he studied industrial design and glass. After completing his BFA, he worked at the Tyler School of Art, and the Philadelphia College of Art and Design.

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