Tessuto with Emil Kováč

We will figure out how you can express your wildest ideas in the studio with help from Emil and the rest of our group. This class is for anyone who has a passion for glass. We focus on having fun with glass-control techniques.

We will especially focus on traditonal Italian technique “Tessuto”. A glass technique invented by Carlo Scarpa for Venini & Co. During the late 30's. It is based on the traditional filigrana technique with particularly thin rods used in this case, joined one to the other with especially refined alternating colours.  Tessuto means fabric and this technique mimics fabric texture in glass.

Placing the emphasis on instinct and play, we will explore your ideas and your sketchbooks and rely on a hands on approach towards design and realisation of sculptural and functional glass.

Glassblowing, sculpting solid and hollow glass, using powders, frit and bar colours, and anything else, in combination with classical glass techniques.
We will combine everything in one class.

Learn to work efficiently and sensibly and embrace the process in the studio. The class is set up for anyone who would like to improve their skills and knowledge in hot glass and learn to let go of their inhibitions and fears in the studio. Basics are a must as we will approach glass as an unlimited medium for expression. Nothing is impossible in this class, be prepared to be surprise.

Our online sales for the workshop has stopped due to a technical problem, but there is still room in this workshop!!!Please contact us for detailed information and registration from the e-mail address " [email protected] or Tel:+90 216 433 36 93 

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Emil Kováč

Master Glassblower Emil Kováč started his career in the Czech glass industry in theeighties. After finishing his training at the renowned Novy Bor Glass school he worked forseveral glass manufacturing companies throughout the region. Emil has since worked asa freelance...

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