Galaxy Technique  (June 13rd-14th, 2021)


In this workshop, you’ll design unique beads with galaxy effect. The techniques you’ll learn:

– Working with Kabason mandrel

– Using Double Helix silver glass

– Using silver foil, leaf and wire

– Using Dichroic glass

– Working without mandrel


Aquarium Technique (June 16th-17th-18th, 2021)

 In this workshop, you’ll design unique beads with aquarium scene. The techniques you’ll learn:

– Making coral, moss, jellyfish, murini sea shell

– Using glass powder (enamel)

– Placing and coating Murini

– Implosion technique

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Start: 13 June 2021 at 09:00 Finish: 18 June 2021 at 17:00

Galaxy ve Aquarium Technique #1


Atölye Fiyatı 2980

The workshop fee covers all the workshop materials and lunch. Does not cover accommodation. Workshop + 6 days, single room accommodation costs 8050 TL. Workshop + 6 days, double room accommodation costs 7050 TL. Accommodation includes breakfast and dinner. You can make the accommodation payment on the first day of the course to the Glass Furnace.