Jelveh moved to the US during the Iranian revolution in 1978. Her artwork is infused with a unique blend of colors, textures & themes from both Persian & American cultures. Her art form of choice has progressed from collage work to quilting, mosaics, clay & stained glass, each of which reflected her funky yet sophisticated style & attention to detail. Finally, in early 2001, her husband introduced her to her first lampworking kit & her artistic passion truly caught flame. She started torching beads in the end of her tiny kitchen about the same time she stopped cooking meals. Now, known especially for her Silver Glass, Landscape & Organic Designs, her commitment to constant innovation is well known & each bead, from shape to dimpled holes, is finished to exacting standards. Now if she could only provide the same attention to detail in other areas of her life, like housekeeping. From the curly wild poof of hair on top of her head to her bubbly taskmaster personality in class, she is often told by her students that “she is the most fun teacher they’ve had” and they come away having learned a great deal about flameworking & glass. Jelveh’s work has been featured in two Bead Trends Books & recently in Bead Style Magazine. Jelveh works & lives in California where she & her friend opened their own Glass School/Studio in September of 2009.