About The Glass Furnace

The Glass Furnace Foundation is Turkey's largest and best-equipped glass arts center. Located in Beykoz, Istanbul, the river-side campus rests in lush green nature, prospering in a creative and serene atmosphere.

Founded in 2002, the mission of the institution is to be a main hub for all glass related works, production and studies, to bring attention to glass as a prominent branch of art in the country, and make it accessible to everyone. Originally designed as a glass production studio, it quickly became a world-class glass arts center, contributing to the education of countless glass artists and artisans, inviting international professionals and masters to share knowledge of intricate techniques, and catering to the needs and demands of many prestigious glass related projects and productions, all the while increasing awareness among the local community about the wonders of glass.


The Glass Furnace has accumulated an impressive collection of contemporary art from established glass masters through collaborations carried out over its twenty years of operation. A series of these can be viewed at the campus exhibition site, and some curated selections are occasionally loaned out to be exhibited in other independent institutions' temporary shows. 


Education is a key component of the Glass Furnace’s mission, programs are carried out for many different groups and levels of participants, ranging from professionals to elementary school students. Daily, weekly or long term workshops, as well as school field trips are regularly organized, and other special shows, catered events, and seasonal festivals draw the attention of many curious visitors.