Glass Furnace Projects

Yilmaz Yalçınkaya's interest in glass art began with a gas lamp workshop in primary school. For this reason, one of our most important projects as a foundation is to make children love glass.

During the school year, we are proud to introduce an average of 30,000 children per year with a curriculum-based excursion program for primary and secondary education.

In the Taksim Metros, Glass Zoo

Under the project conducted by the American artist Mark Eckstrand and previously carried out in countries such as America, Russia and Latvia, children living in the Beykoz region and deprived of material possibilities were first made into the pictures of the animals in the nature. Later, with help from Turkish and foreign glass artists, they transformed these paintings into small glass panels with fusion technique.

These panels were added to each other and permanently placed in the area allocated at Taksim Metro Station. The work opened with a ceremony attended by children, artists and special invitations.

Glass Ocağı and Beykoz Municipality initiated the project, supported by many people and institutions from home and abroad.

"Artist in Residence" Projesi

Istanbul Development Agency contributes to the development of Creative Industries Financial Support Program

Within the framework of the Artist, Residence, Research, Development and Production Project for Glass Artists in Beykoz, sponsored by the Istanbul Development Agency, 8 Turkish 10 foreign artists were provided with three weekly sessions on the Glass Furnace Foundation campus. In this process, the child who visited the Glass Furnace Foundation ... .. had the opportunity to watch these artists while they were working. In addition, young artist candidates studying in glass sections of universities have also been able to develop their own horizons by being assistant to these artists.

A Master Thousand Masters

With the cooperation of Anadolu Sigorta

Anadolu Sigorta trained 20 young master candidates in a hot glass workshop for 12 weeks for a total of 84 hours in cooperation with the Glass Furnace Foundation in order to revitalize the professions disappearing in the eighth year and to train new master candidates with the project of "Usta Bin Usta". There was emotional moments in the program where the master of our craftsman was a guest.