Güçlü Polat

Joseph Cavalieri is an awardwinning native New York artistand educator. His work can beseen in the permanent collectionof the Museum of Arts andDesign, the Italian AmericanMuseum, the Leslie-LohmanMuseum, and the Stax Museum.He has produced privateand public art commissionsincluding a MTA Arts forTransit public art installation atthe Philipse Manor Train Stationin Westchester, New York.His work has been collectedby Morgan Spurlock, and twoSimpson’s writers.Cavalieri’s aim is to mergecontemporary imagery withthe time-honored processes ofpainted stained glass, a materialwith a powerful spiritual history.He incorporates contemporarycolors and design and often addshumor.His technique was originallycreated by Medieval stainedglass artists, and used enamelpaints which were made ofground glass, metals andpigment. These paints wereapplied to the glass surface thenkiln fired at a temperature of 1300 degrees Fahrenheit (700degrees Celsius). Once cooled,the glass was soldered together.Cavalieri updates this historicprocess by incorporating silkscreening and airbrushingtechniques, along with handpainting. His finished art is set into wall hung light boxes withinternal LED lighting.The LED lights us littleelectricity, and come with a 46inch long electrical cord with asmall transformer that plugs into a standard US outlet.