Saman Kalantari was born in Shiraz in Iran .

After graduatıng from  Azad university in 1994. Saman started working as a ceramic artist since 1992 and has participated in several exhibitions both

single and group shows.He left his country in 2004 and since then has been living in Italy.

And there he discovered a new medium: “Glass” which was the right material to describe his social experiences of life both in Iran and in Europe.

I think of wastes as an artistic material, the presence of something residual and processes of things that happened or have been.I have been trying to push the glass to its limits and making new experiments.I try to express what different materials have in common or in contrast with each other and how they react when they are back to their origin.I use glass to explain the consistency, Fragility, mortality, and subtleness of human being, life, and nature