More than 20 years of Framework business, 10 years of international teaching. Official glassblowing teacher of Boston University and Abate Zanetti Murano glass school. He is Always looking for new artistic expression of the glass never losing the view of business. This combination gives to Davide something that no so often you can find: work and fun. Never too serious but always controlling the objective possibility to develop and keep a good balance of a good life. Davide suggest the practice technique and good philosophy that permitted to him to reach this nice equilibrium. The way of Davide to approach to the flame, the melting and the action of the bead-making is really something that belong to him. Combination of his venetian artisan experience and contemporary vision gives to his expression something marks all his work style. Many bead-maker with years of experience after they enjoyed him started to switch their way of work with Davide solution. But what Davide likes and where he can express himself with all his creativity is the jewelry designing; his creation are unquestionably characterized by Davide style. Amazing Jewelry of a incredibly simplicity is the Brand of Davide Penso’ design.

Artist and his work