Davide Salvadore was born into a family of glassworkers in Murano, Italy. In 1978 he began producing lamp-worked beads in his mother Anna Mantoan’s jewelry studios; this would lead to a series of collaborations with fashion and design houses such as Roberta di Camerino, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Swatch.┬áIn 1987 he founded the studio “Campagnol e Salvadore” which he still manages today with two other partners. Within the studio Davide works as a glassmaster – at the kilns he built himself – mixing lamp-work and furace techniques in new ways. Davide Salvadore is also a founding member of “Centro StudioVetro” in Murano. He also founded “MaMa Salvadore Murano Gallery” a contemporary glass art gallery on Murano Island.