Fabrizio Acquafresca is an artist and teacher of chasing and repouss√© in Italy. His family has been in the industry of chasing and repouss√© since the 14th century and the technique has been passed down from generation to generation. Acquafresca has been teaching professionally for 12 years, predominantly in Florence at both the Lorenzo de Medici School of Art and at Alchimia: Contemporary Jewelry School, but also around the world including in the United States, China, and Istanbul.Fabrizio Acquafresca comes from a long line of accomplished artisans that have been working with silver and metal since the seventeenth century. Fabrizio was born in Tuscany, Florence. He began working in a custom jewelry workshop at age 13 and was hired two years later by a famous Florentine silver artisan, his uncle Brandimarte. Fabrizio works in his studio in Florence, making his own and commissioned works, continues to collaborate with Brandimarte workshop, as well as draws, paints, writes and teaches Chasing and Repousse’ at art schools in Europe and the United States.