Marie-Odile Savigny (1960) graduated from the National Superior School of Applied Art in Paris in 1981. A year later she was employed by the famous Crystal Factory Daum in Nancy. For seven years she worked as a designer and mouldmaker and collaborated with designers like Philippe Starck. After her time at Daum she founded her own Independant Art Studio and continued to study and develope the technique p√Ęte de verre. In beautiful reliefs, glasspanels and objects she shows herself a true master. The human figures show a strong resemblance with the intricate decorations of medieval Cathedrals, their souls melted with the transparant material for all eternity. After working many years for Daum, Marie Odile Savigny created her own workshop in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie to conduct a personal research on the sandstone, faience, glass and molten crystal. She does not hesitate to compare different materials such as molten glass, earth, engraving, with which she combines glass and metal.