Born in 1980, in Liberec, in the Czech Republic, Martin Janecky began working in a glass factory at the age of 13. He attended a four year secondary school concentrating on the creation of glass art in Novy Bor. By the age of 21, Janecky had been blowing and sculpting with glass for 8 years and was being employed by top designers in South Africa, Sweden, Holland and New York to help execute their works. In 2003, Martin made his first trip to the United States as a demonstrating artist for the Corning Museum of Glass. Since that time he has been invited to share his talents with artists and glass enthusiasts around the world. He has served repeatedly, in the United States, as an Artist in Residence and teacher at the Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Crafts, the Tacoma Museum of Glass, Public Glass and Pilchuck Glass School. Martin Janecky is also the recipient of the 2006 Kaiser Foundation Award and the 2008 Salvador Dali World Prize for significant accomplishments in the field of Fine Arts. Martin possesses the technical knowledge and skill necessary to bring complex visions to life. The artist’s personal interest in music continues to be reflected in his creation of elegant instruments.