Tom GALBRAITH was born in California in 1960. He has lived and worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1970. Tom began his sojourn into glassblowing in 1980 when he apprenticed for six years in the neon industry, eventually branching out on his own. He then logically moved into scientific glassblowing in 1995 with a one year apprenticeship in the chemistry department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he fabricated and repaired scientific apparatus. During this same time, he also taught himself borosilicate lampworking which he considers a more organic process from the more manipulated or tooled process used in scientific glassblowing and neon. In his artistic work, he is inspired by the plant and mineral world and tries to come as close to natural phenomenon as possible.For the last 25 years, he has worked as an independent glass artist in Milwaukee where he owns and operates his own studio, Luminous Glassblowing. He sells nationally to galleries, bead stores and jewelers. Since 1990, he has taught both individuals on a long-term basis as well as small groups in his home studio.