In this workshop, using colored borosilicate rod glass, we will learn fundamental shaping techniques on flower forms. Initially, we will experience the principles of using borosilicate glass, controlling the glass, and pulling rods. Then, we'll learn how to create flower elements such as leaves, stems, seeds, and buds. By combining these multiple pieces with welding and bridging techniques, we will create flower compositions.

**Day 1:**
Extraction of parts from a single stem - glass pulling and application; cutting, dotting

Introduction to Lavender, Daisy, Cactus, and Leaf studies (same-day Borosilicate Botanic content)

**Day 2:**
Examination and experimentation with different leaf forms; pattern and detail work on leaf forms. Creating 3-leaf and 5-leaf compositions - Introduction to bridging technique

**Day 3:**
Introduction to flower forms - examining flower petals; pattern and detail work. Creating 3-leaf and 5-leaf flower compositions

**Day 4:**
Crown leaf study on flower forms - reinforcing the bridging technique. Creating your own design.

*All levels are welcome.

This is a monthly package with a total of 4 lessons conducted once a week.


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Start: 1 February 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 15:00

🌿 Monthly Borosilicate Botanic Workshop Starting on February 1st, Thursday #1


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