With our activity package that offers children between the ages of 5-12 the opportunity to experience different glass production techniques, they experience 3 different workshops. Workshop details are as follows;

Bead Workshop

Colored glass sticks are melted in a tabletop burner flame (torch), sometimes wrapped in steel wires, sometimes other glass rods, and then added into brand new shapes from glass. With this method, beads, figures and various objects are created. Our trainers take care of the children one-on-one and according to their age, they make them safely make their beads, sometimes by holding their hands and sometimes by observing them closely.

Fusing Workshop

After two or more glass pieces are placed on a flat glass plate in the desired composition, they are transformed into a single glass piece in fusion furnaces with the help of heat. With the help of heat, panels or plates can be made either flat or relief. Then we send the work by cargo.

Hot Glass Blowing Workshop

Hot glass taken from the furnace in a fluid state with steel rods called pipes is blown, then pulled, stretched, cut and shaped with the help of various heat-resistant tools. It can be transformed into many forms, small and large, in different decorations and colors. Children can choose from two different forms, heart or ball. The work is sent by cargo within a week after it is cooled more carefully.

You can call 0216 433 36 93 for reservation.
Before coming to our campus, be sure to read the pandemic measures we take in children's workshops from this link.

  • Our package price is 350 TL.
  • Sibling discount is 10%.
  • Shipment price is not included to the fee.

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