Daily Enamel Workshop

In this workshop, after getting the basic knowledge about enamel types and materials, the basic application techniques like sgraitto and stencilling will be used. You will get your beautiful enameled tea plates at the end of the workshop.

Enamel is a glass in powder form, mixed with other metals. By sprinkling the powder on metals like copper, silver and gold and  firing the kiln at 800-850 degrees for a very short time, you get a beautiful pattern or texture that will not lose it’s color for decades.

Enamels are used as a primary technique in jewellery making.

The materials Copper, enamel powder, sieve (the materials are provided by The Glass Furnace) Applicants should bring a note pad and a pencil.


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Start: 29 November 2018 Finish: 10:30 - 16:00

Daily Enamel Workshop #1


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Rozita Kasuto

Rozita Kasuto, graduated from fine arts academy interior design department in 1987, worked as an interior designer until 2013.

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