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School trips to the Glass Furnace

Glass Furnace hosts more than 30.000 student for school trıps. Students watch glass making demo's ın hot shop and flameworking studios and join a brief workshop if they like to.

These trips involve a special project combining glass activities in Glass Furnace and school education.

Besides, a special museumologist who knows primary school curriculum she helped us to prepare a booklet.

What we aim here is to provide students unite their experience here and what they learn in school. Through this, glass will be a part of their education and life.

You need to make an appointment for the school trips.



1. Meeting at Glass Furnace

2. Glass Bead Show (15 min.): Workshop leader is our bead master Vahide Başak. She makes beads or small animals and tells about the technique and equipment. Question & Answer session is included.

3. Hot Glass Show / Production Observation (15 min.): Production never ends in our hot glass atelier. Observers could see it from a special lecture hall area which is separated from the workplace due to security reasons. They can watch how liquid glass is removed from the kiln, shaped and blown. Information about all is given during the show. Question & Answer session is included.

4. Fusion Workshop (15 min.) – optional: Students could attend a brief fusion class and get to work with it. Each student will have 1 piece of 15×15 cm flat, colourless square glass and some small coloured glass pieces. Students will make a composition with these and once done, we will put them in the furnace and then transform them into a plate or a board. The end works are sent to the owners in a special box with “I made this” phrase on them.

If the kids will attend the  workshop we need to know it while making an appointment.

5. Free Time: Students can walk through our campus and buy some glass work from our store as a souvenir.

6. Leaving Glass Furnace

School trips to the Glass Furnace