Understanding Nature and Forms

The aim of this course is to push the physical limits of glass as a material, using all possibilities to give the material a soul within realistic forms. In line with this goal, participants will witness the progression from small units and tiny details to the whole, observing layered and passionately result-oriented working methods.

On the first day of the program, the construction and working method of fish, insects, and butterfly forms using borosilicate glass will be demonstrated. The purpose here is to get accustomed to handling borosilicate glass before working on these creatures with soft glass and to understand the working principles.

On the 2nd and 3rd days, works on fish and hermit crab forms with soft glass will be carried out, emphasizing color gradation and the use of silver foil.

On the 4th and 5th days, you will work on forms of insects and butterflies that will challenge your hand agility and concentration. Especially on these days, the focus will be on the transition from piece to whole and attention to detail.

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Start: 1 July 2024 Finish: 5 July 2024

Understanding Nature and Forms #1


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