Flameworking Glass Flora

Learn to create botanical glass sculptures with borosilicate glass on the torch. Students will learn techniques for constructing leaves, flowers, vines, and other flora. Color application and assembly techniques, including bridging, will be covered. Each day will include demonstration and ample student work time. Beginners welcome.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Light and adjust a table-mounted flameworking torch, and a hand-held mini torch
  2. Form borosilicate glass rods into leaves, petals, and other botanical parts
  3. Assemble parts together using bridging techniques and welding
  4. Apply color to clear glass using glass rods


Some previous experience working on a flameworking torch is helpful, but not required. All levels are welcome.

Materials & Supplies

The studio will provide:

  1. Tabletop torches and mini hand torches
  2. Borosilicate glass - clear and color (variety)
  3. Basic hand tools
  4. Didymium eyeglasses

The student should bring

  1. Their own tools and glass color, if desired (not required)
  2. Safety glasses for working color borosilicate (if not provided by the studio)

Inspiration images, books, sketchbooks, or otherwise that could be used as reference

  1. Closed-toe shoes and loose, cotton clothing
  2. A positive attitude

Participation & Classroom Environment

Given the challenging nature of the material, all students should expect to encounter difficulty and even failure. Mistakes and breakage of work should be viewed as an opportunity for learning and growth.

Students are expected to exercise patience with their work, with the studio, with themselves, and with each other. Creating delicate works of borosilicate glass is a slow process, which should be embraced without hurry.

Safety Information

Safety is our first priority. Students should be mindful of their torches, their tools, and their glass. Torches should never be left on unattended. Tools and glass on the bench will be hot, and should always be set with hot side away from you. Students should take frequent breaks to stretch.

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Erin Neff Garmezy

After seeing glassblowing at the Oldway Art Center in Sperryville, Virginia, Erin Garmezy became enamored with glass as an artistic medium.

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