Beginner Level Hot Glass Workshop

In this workshop, we’ll embark on a unique experience. Throughout the day, we’ll learn to defy gravity with honey-like molten glass in our hands.

So, where do we start? In this workshop, we’ll first get acquainted with the hot glass studio. Then, we’ll cover safety rules, how to hold the blowpipe and punty, workshop movements and exercises, how to gather glass from the furnace, shaping the gathered glass on the marver table, using jacks, necking, shears, and tweezer techniques, mass form exercises, creating a round mass with solid glass, making a round mass with solid glass and adding 2 or 3 bubbles, making a paperweight with colored interior (flower and twist). With the knowledge and skills acquired up to this point, we will move on to glass blowing. After honing our control over the glass, we’ll conclude our works by blowing a sphere.

*As the works created in this workshop will go through the annealing process, they will be sent later via shipping.

Instructor: Anna Seda Pöhrekçi

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Atölye Fiyatı 3000

Bilgilendirme: Bizim tarafımızdan yapılan atölye iptallerinde ücret iadesi birkaç gün içerisinde yapılmaktadır. Katılımcıların atölye iptallerinde ücret iadesi yapılmamaktadır, ancak atölye tarihinden 3 gün önce yapılan iptallerde tarih değişikliği yapılabilmektedir.