One-Day Bead Workshop on February 26 (Half Day)

This workshop offers a unique experience in the world of bead making. Utilizing various shaping techniques, you will learn the fundamental processes of bead creation using molten glass. Starting with shaping a perfect sphere, you will wrap the melted glass around a steel rod previously coated with bead release. In this day-long workshop, after learning the basic forms such as triangle, cube, cylinder, and flat shapes, you will explore techniques for creating patterns with dots and lines.

*In the last hour of the workshop, you can transform the beads you’ve made into your desired accessory using the jewelry findings available in the studio.

This is a day-long workshop, and the beads created during the workshop will be sent later via mail.


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Start: 26 February 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 12:30

One-Day Bead Workshop on February 26 (Half Day) #1


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