Daily Tasting Glass Workshop

An opportunity to discover which glass technique suits you best, the Tasting Glass Workshop offers one-hour experiences in hot glass blowing, fusion, and bead-making. After these sessions, you can decide which technique excites you the most and further develop your skills in that area.

Here’s the program:

• 11:00-12:00 Hot Glass Blowing Workshop: In this workshop, you’ll experience how different equipment and tools are used. Simultaneously, you’ll shape the chosen form in molten glass in the colors you prefer, guided by the instructor.

*The works created in this workshop will undergo an annealing process, and they will be sent later by shipping.

• 12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

• 13:00-14:00 Fusion or Stained Glass Workshop: In the fusion workshop, you’ll draw and cut colored glass pieces, placing them on a flat transparent glass plate to create a pattern.

*The works created in this workshop will undergo a firing process, and they will be sent later by shipping.

• After receiving general information about stained glass, you will experience how stained glass and tools are used on a template of your choice under the guidance of the instructor. You’ll create beautiful figures by drawing and cutting colored stained glass on the template. Afterward, you’ll apply foil wrapping and soldering techniques.

• 14:00-14:30 Tea and Rest Time

• 14:30-15:30 Bead Workshop: In this workshop, you’ll learn basic bead shaping techniques and create beautiful beads in various shapes such as triangles, cubes, cylinders, and flat beads.

Hot Glass Instructor: ANNA SEDA PÖHREKÇİ

Open Flame Bead-Stained Glass Instructor: KADRİYE CAMCI

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Start: 27 December 2023 Finish: 11:00 - 15:30

Daily Tasting Glass Workshop December 27th #1


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