Monthly Bead Workshop Starting on 1 April (Half-Day)

We’re diving into the art of bead-making, one of the flame working techniques, with fundamental shaping methods. Beads, malleable through freehand and mold shaping techniques, serve as a versatile material that can be adorned with various decorative methods later on. These working techniques form the foundational steps for thousands of different processes that can be applied.

The primary step in bead-making is to create a perfectly rounded sphere. This involves continuously rotating glass rods in the flame until a sufficiently sized bead is formed, which is then wrapped around a steel rod previously coated with bead separator. In this monthly workshop, after learning to create basic shapes such as triangles, cubes, cylinders, and flat forms, we will embellish them with dotting and line techniques to produce a variety of glass beads.

*In the last hour of the workshop, you can transform the beads you’ve made into the desired accessories using the jewelry tools available in the workshop.

This is a monthly package with a total of 4 lessons conducted once a week.


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Start: 1 April 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 12:30

Monthly Bead Workshop Starting on 1 April (Half-Day) #1


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