Monthly Hot Glass Workshop on 17 April

In this four-week workshop that we have prepared for you, you will experience glass in all its stages. We have designed a program that is both fun and educational, allowing you to unleash your creativity by getting to know this magical material step by step.

**Week 1**

– **10:00 – 12:30** Workshop Introduction, Safety Rules, Use of Hand Tools, Taking Glass from the Furnace, Basic Shaping Techniques

**Week 2**

– **10:00 – 12:30** Blowing exercise, Weighted exercise (Geometric forms)

**Week 3**

– **10:00 – 12:30** Adding glass to the blown form (Handle and decoration)

**Week 4**

– **10:00 – 12:30** Granular color usage

The works created in this workshop will be shipped later.

*The monthly hot glass workshop lasts for 4 days.

*Only transparent glass will be used during the workshop, except for the design created during the workshop.

Instructor: Anna Seda Pöhrekçi

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Start: 17 April 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 12:30

Monthly Beginner Level Hot Glass Workshop 17 April (Half-Day) #1


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