Start Date 16 April

It aims to teach, through an intensive workshop where the basic techniques of borosilicate glass blowing are demonstrated, the making of transparent mini glass bottles, which are said to have been used to collect the tears shed by women in ancient times while waiting for their husbands on the warpath. It can also be used as a fragrance bottle.

In this workshop, which will take a total of 4 lessons once a week, you will be introduced to the borosilicate glass blowing technique and experience drawing stems in borosilicate glass pipes, blowing balls and shaping the blown forms, accompanied by an instructor. Then, we will learn step by step the neck drawing, bottle blowing and mouth opening techniques and create wonderful bottle figures.


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Start: 16 April 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 15:00

Monthly Borosilicate Tear Bottle Workshop Start Date 16 April (Full-Day) #1


Atölye Fiyatı 13000