Monthly Stained Glass Workshop (Tiffany Stained Glass Technique) 24 April

Day 1: Introduction to Stained Glass Workshop

In this workshop, after providing general information about Tiffany stained glass, you will experience how to use stained glass and tools by practicing on a template of your choice (up to 5-6 pieces) with the guidance of the instructor.

You will create your design by drawing and cutting colored stained glass according to the template you have prepared. Then, you will apply foil wrapping and soldering techniques to create wonderful figures.

Day 2: Flower Making Technique in Stained Glass Workshop

You will reinforce the knowledge learned on day 1 by experiencing the creation of small, organic forms and how non-glass materials are applied to stained glass figures.

Day 3: Stained Glass Workshop with Dried Flowers

Using transparent flat glass plates, you will experience the technique of making stained glass with dried and pressed flowers.

Day 4: 3D Stained Glass Workshop

In this workshop, where you can utilize all the techniques learned, after learning how to take your stained glass figures into the third dimension, you will create three-dimensional figures on the template of your choice.

INSTRUCTOR: Kadriye Camcı

Monthly Half-Day Total 4 Classes: 7000TL

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Start: 24 April 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 15:00

Monthly Stained Glass Workshop (Tiffany Stained Glass Technique) 24 April #1


Atölye Fiyatı 7000

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