One-Day Bead Workshop: 5 May (Half Day)

In this workshop, we will delve into the art of bead making using flame working techniques. Beads, versatile and beautiful, can be shaped freely by hand or with mold shaping techniques. This forms the foundation for many diverse processes that can be applied.

The fundamental process of bead making involves creating a smooth sphere. Using rods of glass melted in the flame, a sufficiently sized bead is formed by wrapping it around a steel rod previously coated with bead release. In this one-day workshop, after learning the basics of creating triangular, cubic, cylindrical, and flat main shapes, you will add various patterns using dotting and line techniques.

*In the final hour of the workshop, you can transform the beads you have made into the desired accessory using jewelry fittings available in the workshop.

**Instructor: KADRİYE CAMCI**

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Start: 5 May 2024 Finish: 10:00 - 12:30

One-Day Bead Workshop: 5 May (Half Day) #1


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