Awaken the Beast: Sculpting Animals in Hot Glass with Grant Garmezy

Explore the potential of working with hot glass as a sculptural medium. This class will focus on using both solid and blown sculpting techniques to create animals and animal-inspired sculptures. We will bring sculptures to life using a variety of torches and sculpting techniques, which include solid sculpting, inside sculpting, assembly of parts, color application, garage use, and - most importantly - teamwork. Problem solving will be emphasized, and students are encouraged to bring images of inspiration.

Course Goals

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Create an animal-inspired sculpture from hot glass
  2. Create a variety of surface textures on hot glass
  3. Use an oxygen-propane hand torch to sculpt hot glass in the hotshop
  4. Work in a fast-paced team environment while maintaining a positive attitude


Students enrolling in this course should have previous experience:

  1. Gathering hot glass out of a furnace in a hot glass studio
  2. Creating their own objects in a hot glass studio
  3. Assisting others in a hot glass studio

The student should bring:

  1. Their own tools and glass color, if desired (not required)
  2. Didymium safety glasses
  3. Inspiration images, books, toys, figurines, or otherwise that could be used as reference while sculpting
  1. A sketchbook or notebook for taking notes and drawing plans
  2. Closed-toe shoes and loose, cotton clothing
  3. A positive attitude and willingness to help others

Participation & Classroom Environment

Given the challenging nature of the material, all students should expect to encounter difficulty and even failure. Mistakes and breakage of work should be viewed as an opportunity for learning and growth.

“You either win or you learn.”

Students will be expected to work in teams. Team members should respect and support one another, whether assisting or gaffing. While assisting each other, students should be on time and focused. While gaffing, students should be respectful of their assistants. Students will be expected to assist during demos, including reheating pieces, bringing bits and parts, torching, operating doors, etc. A positive attitude is required and a sense of humor is encouraged.

“It is never the assistant’s fault.”

Safety Information

Safety is our first priority. Students should be mindful of the dangers of working with glassblowing tools and equipment. The safety of people always takes precedence over the success of a piece. Protective eyewear should be worn in the studio at all times, regardless if the student is actively working. Students should stay very well hydrated, and take breaks from the heat as needed.

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Sculpting Animals in Hot Glass #1


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Grant Garmezy

Grant Garmezy grew up on a working farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee. As long as he can remember, he's been fascinated with the arts and working with his hands to create things.

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